Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is a beautiful woman?


What is a beautiful woman?

What makes a woman beautiful?

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder, beauty is something more than skin deep, beauty is unique charm and self-confidence, a shining light that twinkles through the smile and eyes. Every women desire to look good, some has natural beauty and some tends to make them look beautiful and looking beautiful everyday can be a complicated task, however, to look beautiful everyday all you have to do is to take proper care of yourself. 
For instance if you want to look stunning you can not leave from your home with dirty hair, you must wash it almost every alternative day and if you have oily hair try to wash them everyday, and on the top don't forget to visit your hair dresser as frequently as possible. Dire hair may ruin your whole day, so it is very important to take care of your beautiful and delicate strands.

Be adequately careful with you attire, to look beautiful you do not have to be extremely fashionable or modish, Just make sure that your dress is clean and fresh and no matter what your style is, you will definitely will look beautiful. For that ensure that your clothes are not much small and not much shaggy for you as it can make an impression of untidy personality and person. Your nails as well, are very important as you yourself will be amazed to know how much attention people give to your hands. Nobody would find person with broken or dirty nails attractive, and sure you are not an exception in any case, and to be more attractive and beautiful be very attentive with every minute and little-little details.

When it comes to make up, do not forget one rule natural is equal to beautiful, try to use make as rare as possible and try to flaunt your natural beautiful skin more, just accessorize it by mascara or a lip liner as excess of everything is bad. Don't forget elegance, small steps and straight back will ensure an elegant look that will definitely add charm and attractiveness in your personality. for most women it may be a shock or surprise as graceful walk are so important, women's who always walk with straight back and head up are always considered beautiful.

Take care of how you behave in public, doing nonentity which is objectionable in public does not mean that your behaviour and manners are good, never forget to thank and sorry people, control your tongue and tone whilst talking with others and even clean your lingo. The properly and in nice tenor will help you in building healthy relationship with friends, colleagues, and family members as well making you a beautiful woman not only from outside but from within too.

Not to forget Scent, which is an essential part of your personality as well, people those are around you willed finitely remark your new perfume and how you smell actually. Knowing that people smell your fragrance and not your sweat will make you feel good yourself. Combining all these features will undoubtedly make you a good looking, beautiful woman as beauty is not just about the body shape or facial feature. Also always keep in mind, you will feel beautiful from inside and outside then only other people will find you attractive, charming and beautiful.