Thursday, November 3, 2011

The magnificent French kiss

Kissing is the way to express your love and feelings between people in love. Of all the types of kisses, nothing is more romantic and more sensual than a French kiss. The reason is that people see a French kiss is filled with passion...

Remember, a French kiss is romantic and passionate. The ultimate aim is to create a romantic mood filled with intimacy and tender love. The first rule is to moisten the lips before moving close to your partner's lips.

Rub your tongue on the lips sensually to signal that you are in a mood to kiss passionately! The secret here is that the lips must be moistened. Use lip gloss or lip balm to moisten the lips.

Once the lips are moistened, move closer to your partner, and tilt your head angle towards one side either left or right to avoid the interference of nose.

The eyes must be closed to get in the mood and the vibe of romance and sensuality. This will also establish intimacy.

French kiss is an open mouth kiss which involves lip contact. Start by first kissing the closed lips and then open the mouth slowly and let it go deep.

While you give a French kiss, you either suck the lower or upper lip at a time. If you are sucking the lower lip of your partner, your upper lips will be sucked by the partner.

Use your tongue while kissing. This type of kiss is not limited to lips but also involves tongues. While kissing, rub your tongue on the partner's lips and try to insert in the partner's mouth. You can also pull the tongue slightly with the help of your teeth when your partner tries to put the tongue inside your mouth.

This type of kiss can make the use of tongue to tickle each other while kissing. Use the tongue to its fullest while you give French kiss.

A fresh breath is essential. Avoid smelly foods (garlic, brie cheese, corn chips, coffee) beforehand. Freshen up with a mint or gum.

Read your date's body language to ensure a French kiss would be welcomed. Holding hands and gentle brush-ups during the date are good signs.

There is no single right way to French kiss. Kissing is as individual as the people doing it. The most important thing is to be true to yourself, your date and the moment.

French kissing can quickly unleash passions. Know your limits beforehand and be prepared to put the other person on hold when you reach them.

Kissing is a nice way to end a fight or to express your love to your partner. It is intimate, sensual and filled with passion. Kissing anytime makes you feel great. For women, kissing is a way to know and express your love. If her man kisses her, she feels wanted and loved.

Try it – it something out of this world – no wonder the French is such passionate lovers!!!